Once you have been working for a while, it's natural to want to move into more interesting roles with additional opportunities and challenges. This may even be in a different company.

The My Dream Job™ programme is designed to help you prepare yourself to move up in your current company, or into a different company altogether. As with all the My Ultimate Job™ programmes, the focus is about becoming a specialist in the field that you are interested in.

For this reason, the My Dream Job™ programme offers an advantage over many competitors because they typical will present themselves less powerfully with a generic approach. 


You have been accumulating a wide set of useful skills from different jobs over the years, but ​they are not helping you make any real career progress because everyone sees you as a generalist.

You know that you are capable of doing a higher level job, perhaps in a different company, but every time you apply, your CV is usually rejected, or you are not successful at interviews that you do get.

If this is your problem, something has to change so that you can land your dream job. 

You are looking for more satisfaction and a higher salary, but you don't know how to go about changing things to get your dream job and raise the standard of your life.

Is it even possible to make career progress when no one seems interested in you?


If you are stuck in your role and only able to go sideways (at best), then you are probably wondering whether there is a solution for you to improve you career situation.


The answer is yes. 


You need to specialise and use your strongest and most interesting skills to be the solution to a problem that needs solving.

Now is the time to act. My Dream job™ will help you what your main skills are and put them at the centre of who you are professionally. Do you know what you are capable of and are interested in doing in your dream job?  

My Dream job™ is the broadest programme of My Ultimate Job™ for people who are working in technical level roles and are not yet ready to move up to management. It is designed to bring out the best of you to win interviews in a wide range of technical level roles.


What kind of goals are we talking about and how should you focus on them?

Everyone has a dream of living their best life, but not everyone knows which things are important to them so that they can achieve their best life.


Although money is usually the first thing that comes to mind, it is just a tool. So is time. Money is not happiness in itself, so in establishing your goals, it means the activities that you want to achieve and how you want to make them happen.

This includes having a career that you enjoy because we spend a lot of time at work.​

So your goals need to be focused on happiness (including work and family), practical things such as retirement and the most practical tools you need to achieve these goals: money and earning time.

The My Dream Job™ programme helps you to identify what your dream job is and then how to change your approach to be able to get it. 

I am looking forward to the opportunity to help you achieve your dream job.



Designer and creator of My Ultimate Job™