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In the world of business, some people see it as 'us' and 'them' (us being the workers and them being the managers), however at some point, many workers want to transition to become a manager to bring a different and brighter focus to their life.

Working in management provides you with a combination of responsibility, challenges, opportunities, satisfaction and of course financial rewards and other benefits.

Choosing the right management position for you means understanding what you are passionate about and where your capabilities lay and of course taking a 'management-centric' view of the different approach you need to take to apply for (and win) the position.

The My Management Job™ programme has been designed to help you change your approach to be able to transition into the kind of candidate that senior positions need and demand by changing your data and mindset into that of a high-value specialist that solves their problem.


After years of working in technical level roles, you want to transition into management because that is where the real opportunities are to make financial and other progress in your career.

Going sideways to work on new challenges and develop new skills has ​made you an expert, but you need to be a specialist to move your career vertical into management.

What should you specialise in? You've never even thought of yourself as a specialist before so perhaps you are doubting yourself and wondering if you have the skills to be in management. 

If you have tried to apply before but failed, or if you really aren't sure how to approach the application and interview process, then nothing will change in your current situation unless you change.

This can seem an insurmountable task. Many people never make the leap and are stuck in generic jobs and never get the opportunity to enjoy more challenges, better salary an da better life.

Can you change your future from being the same?


Transitioning into management is less about your technical skills and more about management skills. If you have been involved with managing people, working to a budget, organising tasks and schedules for your colleagues etc., then you may be in a position to go vertical.


However, you want the move to be a positive step, so you need to understand yourself, your capabilities and move into a role that you are passionate about to really enjoy the opportunity.

The starting point is to determine who you are and what you want to achieve in your future professional life. After that, the objective is to present all the value-adding data that connects to your ultimate management job in the strongest possible way. This includes preparing strong answers for an interview.


My Management Job™ is a great tool and programme to build your mindset and confidence in the right direction and help experienced technical people move up to the next chapter of their professional life.

If you interested in being more successful in management, this programme is for you. 


Managers are made and leaders are born. True?


For the most part, yes. Managers require skills that can be learned and developed, however leaders have something special inside them.

The objective of the My Management Job™ programme is to find the talents that you were born with and to present together with your technical experience to show off your high-value and help you get into your ultimate job in management. One of the vital parts of the process, is to discover the key outcomes in which you are passionate about, which fulfil you, have qualifications and skills for and to focus yourself on being a specialist for that role.

You have already developed a lot of useful functional skills ​throughout your years of technical level work, but you have also accumulating knowledge to take into a suitable management position. The My Management Job™ programme has been designed to bridge the gap between the levels of technical and management roles to help you position yourself as a genuine candidate for roles suitable for new managers.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to help you move up to management in your career.



Designer and creator of My Ultimate Job™