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If you are like most people, you are probably earning enough money to 'get by', but nowhere near enough to live your dream life to its fullest. Perhaps you are in a lower management position that comes with lots of responsibility but not lots of benefits or salary.

Also like most people, you may read about top executives of big companies who just got their annual bonus (which is higher than your entire salary), but you block it out of your mind because it's a totally different world from their 7 figure salary to your 5 or 6 figure salary.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Aim high and prepare yourself for high-value leadership jobs. My Million Dollar Job™ programme is here to help you transition your mindset and data so you can become a highly paid executive.


You're very qualified, you're highly experienced and you definitely have the right skills, but you are still languishing in a technical role, far below the executive roles that you aspire to and deserve.

You probably have thought about your career future many times and perhaps even tried to get leadership roles as a manager or an executive in the past, but have never been able to get there.

Possibly your approach wasn't aligned with their needs, or your confidence was too low to impress. Maybe you just don't know how to present your data powerfully to even apply.

Have you ever asked yourself why others succeed in landing the big jobs and you don't?

Is it about connections? About being in the right place at the right time? About previous experience?

No! Successful people also had to make the same transition from technical roles to senior leadership roles at some stage, so how did they do it?

What are you missing or doing wrong?

More importantly, can you change it and break in to management and land yourself a million dollar executive leadership job?


Do you have what it takes to transition into high-value leadership positions without having to rely on connections or luck etc.?


The answer is yes, if you fit the following, you do. 


Leadership jobs are for people who can grow business; professionals who offer powerful solutions to problems; leaders who bring innovative and unique ideas to the table.

If you can do any or all of these things, you are leadership material.


My Million Dollar job™ is the executive level of My Ultimate Job™ and is for people who have very high career aspirations and strong qualifications. It is an intensive programme that includes steps to develop yourself into the 'executive of choice', along with establishing a higher negotiation position.


During the programme, your mindset will shift so that you complete the tasks in the professional language of executives, not technicians.

It means talking about the bigger picture; growth, budgets, targets, profit, people, markets, stakeholders, legislation, policy etc. and how you align your skills, talents, experience and vision to all of these things that strong leadership demands and that companies seek.

If you have been missing out on career success, it's time to take action. 


What/who is a leader anyway? How do I know if I have what it takes to be an executive and lead?

Leaders come in many forms; some with vision, some with force, some are reluctant, others are destined to lead. In other words, don't look for a single generic model of what it takes to be a leader. Be yourself. Be unique.


The main thing a leader has is courage. The courage to take on responsibility and lead consistently (and fairly) during the good and bad times. Leaders don't always have the answers, but they have the skills to find the answers, whether inside themselves, or in their people. Leaders make things happen.

So if you have 'the right stuff', you are a leader.

To succeed, transitioning into a new way of thinking and acting is required. You must believe in yourself and that great leadership roles don't only go to 'greying' people with years of leadership experience. The professional world is constantly looking for new leaders with fresh ideas, so My Million Dollar Job™ is not about finding leaders, it's about making leaders to fill these opportunities.

The My Million Dollar Job™ programme helps transition your experience and technical capabilities into the language of executives so that you can present yourself as a leader of tasks, of people, of departments and of companies.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to help make you into the leader that is inside you.



Designer and creator of My Ultimate Job™