I'm just like you. I worked very hard for many years and achieved some success along the way, but it didn't really show in my career (or my bank account) because I couldn't transition from technical roles into management levels and I was always very disappointed that my skills were being overlooked. Then, some years ago, I realised why I was failing to be accepted as a manager and I set about developing a unique solution to change things.


Every day, billions of people around the world, just like you (and me), go about their daily lives without thinking too much about what skills they have acquired over the years to do their many personal tasks and their jobs.

Nothing is easy to those who have no experience, yet many things are easy to those who do have it (and some are highly sought after).

So, thinking about it, how exactly do you know your maximum capabilities and perhaps more importantly, how do others know them and assign value to them? Can you identify your value-add? Why should you be selected? 

Do you identify as a specialist or are you seen as a low-value generalist?

If we don't really know our capabilities, then no one else can either and this is the main reason why many of these billions of people work in jobs below their capabilities and struggle to make any professional and personal progress and often struggling to even make ends meet.

They are missing out on all kinds of benefits, whilst companies are also missing out on getting the best out of their employees. It's a lose-lose situation. Is this you too?

I was in that situation. I worked in lower management, yet I knew that I was capable of much more but just couldn't make vertical progress. It was frustrating and depressing. My lifestyle was suffering.


After trying many methods to improve my chances at being successful and earning more money, such as changing the look of my CV to be more organised, professional and even colourful, nothing really helped. I always found myself targeting generic jobs similar to those I had had before, but I didn't understand that going sideways wasn't making real progress. The truth was that I was seen as a low-value generic employee.


Suddenly, it clicked! I realised that the problem was not about these things at all. As a generalist, I actually was low value!

In reality, I saw myself as a lower level generic worker because that is how others saw me. You can never find real financial or other success unless you go vertical in your career which means approaching things differently. 

I needed to change my mindset and finally I realised there was an easy solution to this problem, so I set about making the My Ultimate Jobprogramme.

My method starts with identifying your KEY strength and focusing on evolving it into your speciality with a powerful, clear and valuable deliverable - turning you into a high-value specialist that others need and want in their business and are prepared to pay your price. 

My Ultimate Job allows you to become a high-value specialist that attracts quality jobs, rather than needing to chase them with cap in hand.


I want to share a little bit of my journey with you. I worked as a Business Analyst for 20 years in a large energy company, which is where I developed my analytical skills that helped me create the My Ultimate Job™ programme much later.

It was here that I began to see that many people were not working in their best position and their skills and talents were being wasted and this set the idea in motion to change things. I started to help colleagues see their real capabilities and to motivate them to apply for the jobs that best suited them, whilst at the same time, I encouraged managers to look harder at their people and to help develop them and provide a meaningful and valuable career pathway to benefit both the company and the employees.

Later, I took my journey of helping people into another field - teaching English to people in Europe so that they could advance their career, but I realised that most people were lacking not only English skills, but also the job application and interview experience that was necessary to successfully transition into the higher jobs, so I began coaching them to be able to win manager's jobs that they were capable of doing and enjoy more opportunities in life.

Fast forward a few years and I developed My Ultimate Job which is a highly customised programme to help people identify their career dream and focus on reinventing their approach to be able to achieve that dream - their ultimate job.


Looking back over many years, it has been a rewarding and exciting journey and it's far from over.


Just for interest, the photos below are of various stages of my life and career over the last 20 years. The value of each moment is immeasurable to me. I am a specialist, I enjoy it, I help people find new meaning in their life and to be more successful. This is why people choose me to help them.

I am looking forward to working with you soon and helping you become a value-adding specialist just like me, so that you can achieve your ultimate job.





Designer and creator of My Ultimate Job™

My final day working in a technical level of industry. Mixed feelings.


My first day with my OWN English Language School. Exciting!


Working hard at developing the  My Ultimate Job concept.

Consulting with a future client in my ESL language school.


Along the way, I rescued my best friend Maple as a lost little puppy.


Very happy to be a specialist and helping others to do the same.