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PROFILE: Erika Horecna - Slovak                 - English language coach


My goal: To make people self confident with native English 


Being born in Slovakia but having lived for many years in the US and UK, I learnt the value and pain of not understanding native phrases and speech. Imagine if you could communicate in English without serious problems and even  confidently use many native English phrases. I can bridge the gap with native English!

Your goal: To not hesitate to speak correctly and confidently in English.


People who speak English confidently have a better life.

How do you imagine good English will help you?

Specialty 1: Grammar and native English expressions (B1-C1)

Specialty 2: Interview preparation in professional English

Specialty 3: Teach the Teacher course for non native teachers

Contact me if you are interested  in being more confident with your grammar or would like to discover the possibilities of attracting higher quality students to your own teaching business. 



Phone:            0905 246 570

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