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PROFILE: Phil Le Mottee - Australian       - Language school owner (Nitra) - Career Advancement Mentor


My goal: Helping people improve their career and life situation is my passion!


Imagine having better professional English to increase the number of jobs you are suitable for, or even better, being able to use high quality English to apply for (and win) the very best jobs available, simply by focusing on one valuable skill that you can monetise to solve business problems.


Your goal: Reinvent yourself as a specialist (in English) and take control of your career and life.


Top level specialists command a daily salary of up to 1500€. What rate do you want to earn?

Specialty 1: Professional Development in English

Specialty 2: Specialist Reinvention in English Programme

Specialty 3: Conversation (C2+) and Business English

Contact me in you are interested in being better at professional English or winning your best job.



Phone:           0949 578 619

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