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Consulting success story of the month

Updated: Apr 25

Is it about you? It could be...

We want to share success stories occasionally, so look for blogs that show the successful journey of our clients in their transition to a specialist. One day, it could be you.

“Look for blogs that show the success journey of our clients in their transition to specialist.”

This month's success story

Matt was a typical generic SaaS salesman earning around €30k per year. He saw himself as only having a value of €30k per year, because that is the maximum that he was able to earn. He also saw himself working in a similar role for the future and never earning more and always moved sideways into similar roles...until he decided to work with our programme.

Matt changed his mindset, changed his approach and is now earning more than double his previous salary in a much higher position. He was offered several different great opportunities along the way in a very short time after completing his programme.

It's safe to say that Matt is very satisfied and now has the opportunity for a much better lifestyle.

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