Each programme is unique and purpose-built to help you find your career passion and then develop the very best version of yourself to attract interest from quality headhunters, recruiters and employers. The concept works by firstly identifying your skills, qualifications, strengths and, importantly, your interest in a specific field in which you aim to become a high-value specialist that focuses on solving a specific problem effectively, rather than being seen as a low-value generic employer.


People who complete the programme fully will be better equipped to apply for their aspirational job and significantly improve their likelihood of success at an interview, as well as increase their value at the negotiation table and be more likely to enjoy the maximum benefits of their ultimate job.



If you are new in the job market, then you may be finding it difficult to get a decent job without work experience and related skills. It's hard to know which job is a good choice for you and even harder to land it.


Now there is My First Job™ which is a programme designed to help you discover your best choice by uncovering what you are passionate about and good at so that you can present the best version of yourself using all your life skills to impress your potential new employer.


For example, if you previously had a casual job at McDonalds, you shouldn't  see it as just a job 'flipping burgers'! 


You learned about customer service, cash handling, team work, organisation, reliability etc. and these are valuable career skills, which you can focus on to find a great first position in your professional career.

If you believe in yourself and choose a career (not just a job) to be proud of, then it can lead to more exciting future opportunities in the future. 

You can find more details here.



As a person looking for diverse, new opportunities to make career progress, it's important to present yourself in a way that will let you move up in your field to a more interesting position to gain further experience and money as a stepping stone to eventually go into management.

In this respect, you need to plan your options by discovering what your skills are and what you are passionate about. Do you like working in a team? Do you enjoy challenges? Do you prefer repetitive tasks?

Unlike applying for your first job, you have industry skills and experience to go higher and you need to present yourself as a very capable person to win your dream job. 

With this in mind, My Dream Job™ is a programme designed to help you do exactly that. It helps you identify the achievements in your career and highlight the value-adding skills to show why you should be considered for the higher role. You want to show that you are better than the other candidates and will be able to handle the tasks of the new role. 

You can learn more here.



Now that you have gained a lot of experience, you may want to transition from technical level jobs into lower management roles. Perhaps you no longer feel challenged at this level and you seek more responsibility and a better salary.

With an increased array of skills, you are in a great position to choose your next step, according to your passion, skills and achievements.

It's time to transition into your ultimate job, in which it has a great balance of passion, responsibility, opportunity and rewards. If you are not happy in your current position or company, you can look for your ultimate job in another field.

In any case, to get there, it requires presenting yourself differently than previously in technical jobs. You need to show additional skills such as supervisory, employment selections, budgets etc. as well as a high level of technical understanding of the processes you will be responsible for.

Your best option is the  My Management Job™ programme, which is designed to help you establish your ultimate job and help you position yourself to get it.

All the information is available here.



You are probably already in management with ambition and are looking to go higher to get a million dollar job (or at least in the ballpark) that senior executives in powerful companies often have.


To be an acceptable candidate, it requires a change of mindset and perhaps you are not sure how of the nuances required to succeed in getting such a role. It's a dream opportunity.


You are seeking to be seen as the 'executive of choice', who will lead successfully in the area in which you will be responsible and be rewarded based on your success.

These positions require strong qualifications, experience and a visionary approach, but like all positions, they require you to present the very best version of yourself in the context of what the company needs fulfilled, so the My Million Dollar Job™ programme was created to help prepare people to succeed at winning their million dollar job.

This programme is open to anyone who has considerable experience and some understanding of executive level roles and would like to be as prepared as possible for any opportunity for a senior position that arises.

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