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Professional English is a vital skill that will make (or break) your career. It is often a compulsory requirement in applying for many great job positions, as well as for performing key tasks of the role.


That’s why My Ultimate Job™ has been developed. It focuses on building your ability to present yourself and your data as a specialist to position yourself as the best candidate, which significantly increases the likelihood of landing your best job. 


The programme is 100% in English, so you will also develop your ability to give powerful presentations, team talks, leadership speeches in English, etc., as well as to be confident in negotiating important deals, all of which are essential to be successful in many roles.


As a professional, if are looking for high level rewarding jobs, this programme is definitely for you. It is designed to improve your chances of career success, as well as improve your professional English skills to perform well. Two benefits in one programme!

Stop making the same mistakes that thousands of people make. Learn how to monetise your best skill and maximise your salary and other benefits with this proven method.


If you are not sure how well placed you are now, consider that top level specialists are earning up to €1500 per DAY! (source:


My Ultimate Job™ programme Toolkit includes:

  • 10 steps to earn what you are worth as a Specialist Guide

  • Programme tasks (125 steps) - Google optimised spreadsheet

  • Programme instructions booklet

  • Blueprint to transition to a Specialist booklet

  • Build your own Job Title and Brand Statement template

  • Build your own Compensation Package template


*Regular English conversation is available without the My Ultimate Job™ programme.