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PROFILE: Paul Grimshaw - British native speaker 🇬🇧 - English language teacher


My goal: To help people understand British English.


Whatever your goals, whatever your ability, I can help you with English. We discuss what you want to achieve. No two clients learn the same way or have the same needs, which is why all my lessons are customised to suit your individual objectives.

Your goal: Enhance your vocabulary and increase the rate at which you speak.

Improve your pronunciation and gain better listening skills. Identify common mistakes you might be making and correct them. Decrease pauses or hesitations when you speak.


Lessons tailored to your requests.

Specialty 1: Hospitality English

Specialty 2: Business English

Specialty 3: Daily Conversation English

Contact me in you are interested in having more confidence in speaking English.

🇬🇧 Paul   


Phone:            0915 795 212

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