Reinvent your career by learning to strategically position yourself between a company's need and your high-value specialist solution.


You don't need to be a doctor, scientist or engineer. Everybody has the opportunity to develop their key skill and learn how to monetise it.

Specialists are in great demand and command much better conditions and salary than regular employees; people such as you can become a specialist by focusing your best skill on solving one valuable problem for companies that desperately seek a business solution.

The comprehensive Specialist's Dream Toolkit includes information, tips and methods, as well as the uniquely powerful My Ultimate Job™ programme to transition you into a specialist so you can start living the dream!

My Ultimate Job™ programme contains:

  • Programme tasks (125 steps) - Google spreadsheet

  • Programme instructions booklet

  • Blueprint to transition to a Specialist booklet

  • Build your own Job Title and Brand Statement template

  • Build your own Compensation Package template


All material such as tables, matrix and templates are included and specifically designed to help you break free of generic jobs and become a specialist so you can start living life your way.

Choose the specialist materials and do the programme alone or add a mentorship option to get more powerful results.