FOR:          School leavers                                   Diversifying your experience                        Transitioning to management                    The highly qualified & ambitious


This purpose-built programme is designed to take participants to a higher level in their career to enjoy a better lifestyle. The programme brings the best out of each person so they can achieve their ultimate job.

If you believe that you could do a higher job, and you believe your skills could increase your salary by €10k - €50k (or even more) in a higher job, then ask yourself why you aren’t already in that job.

Join the BECOME A SPECIALIST programme and realise your potential.


Would you FAIL your next interview? Do you have problems to even get your CV accepted during the application process? Whatever the situation, find out what is going wrong now and how to improve it so that you can win your next position comfortably. Discovery interviews are similar to a real interview and are measured in several ways to determine your likelihood of success, as well as whether you are likely to attract interest from quality headhunters and employers. 

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If you are not really sure whether you need help to succeed, book a DISCOVERY interview to learn your strengths, weaknesses and steps you may need to take to improve your marketability, demand & value.


30 minute interview + preparation time included.

𝐁𝐎𝐍𝐔𝐒: Written analysis provided.

Analysis is based on how balanced your approach is between a generic employee and a high-value specialist.




Per Module


All materials included + coach/mentor

7 day programme


or save money - buy both modules

Full Programme


All materials included + coach/mentor

14 day programme

Note: Only 1 mentorship client is accepted per 2 weeks, so there is usually a waiting list. Book early to avoid long delays.




Identify your most valuable talents, choose your ultimate dream job and learn how to showcase your key deliverables to the world with value-adding CV and LinkedIn profile data that will significantly boost your chances of success. Produce value-adding answers to typical questions within the industry and field of your specialty. You will be able to respond confidently and impressively as a specialist at interviews.


The following is included in all SPECIALIST training:

1x Google optimised programme (spreadsheet)

1x set of information booklets

8x 45 minute online sessions (full programme) on Fri, Tue, Wed & Thur @ 18:00-19:00 CET with coach

14x offline sessions (30-60 minutes every day) at your convenience (full programme)

Each module is completed over 7 consecutive days / the full programme is completed over 14 consecutive days.


MASTERCLASS GROUP training commences on alternate Fridays at 18:00-19:00 CET (excl. holidays). 


PERSONAL MENTORSHIP training commences on any Friday at an agreed time (excl. holidays). 

Includes personal attention on each step by sharing your spreadsheet with your mentor.

Purchase the complete FULL MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME and get:

BONUS: 5x professional CV formats to use where relevant

BONUS: Offline support, comments, suggestions etc. (regular review of your spreadsheet progress)

BONUS: 1x 45 minute additional online session within 14 days after the programme has finished to review any final work.