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Proudly serving the people of Nitra and beyond for more than 10 years!

It's Your Life - Live Your BEST One!

You’ve always dreamed of reaching that next level in English language and able to understand what native speakers are saying.

You know how important it is to be able to communicate more professionally in business situations.


Not being able to speak well can be depressing and embarrassing.


More importantly, it can stop you from doing your job or worse, stop you from even getting a job.


Not speaking English well can hurt your career options, which will limit your future opportunities.


But there is a great solution. Learn better English with an experienced native teacher!

The School of Native English - Nitra (classroom & online) is run by an Australian (Phil) and specialises in helping people speak better English with our 'English 4 Experts' Short-Courses and win better jobs. It is your best opportunity to succeed.

Each 'English 4 Experts' Short-Course is  focused on achieving a specific goal quickly!

'English 4 Experts' Short-Courses are specifically designed to be completed in 16 sessions over 8 weeks and include relevant home exercises to grow your knowledge faster!

All courses have grammar, vocabulary, natural usage & conversation.

'English 4 Experts' Short-Courses:



If your life is very ordinary, unsatisfying and you don’t have money left after paying the bills at the end of each month and you feel frustrated, then the Live an EXTRAORDINARY life!™ programme is ideal for you! 


Working together, we develop a plan for YOUR extraordinary life and take steps to make it happen by matching your dreams to your best job with the Win Every Day™ application. 


An extraordinary life is different for each person.

Some examples of EXTRAORDINARY lives are:

What does YOUR extraordinary life include?

If you want to stop living a boring, ordinary life and you want your BEST job & salary, but don't know what job is your best choice, and if you struggle to write a powerful 'stand out' CV or can't create impressive specialist interview answers and you want to stop failing; then try the Live an EXTRAORDINARY life!™ programme. It can help you achieve all of these things.

This UNIQUE programme has you covered - CLICK HERE to be redirected to the 'Live an EXTRAORDINARY Life!' page.

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  • Master English tenses and stop feeling embarrassed

  • Become really fluent in business English 

  • Learn to use conditional statements correctly

  • Start speaking natural sounding English 

  • Expand your Technical English to talk like an expert

  • Present to other people in English with confidence

  • Customised courses are also possible

Looking for something truly special?​

  • Experiencing your own personalised list of hundreds of interesting countries, cities, events, cultures and nature.

  • Being able to provide the highest lifestyle for your family: better education, great holidays, beautiful & well-located house, private sport / music lessons and many other important things.

  • Adrenaline sports excitement: parachuting, hang gliding, sky surfing, skiing, ballooning, flying a light aeroplane etc.

  • Become a property mogul: build your own apartments, theme parks, hotels, shopping centres etc.

  • Establish a charity and enjoy helping people or animals.

  • Live in a cabin in the woods and enjoy a sustainable lifestyle.

  • Start your dream business that provides a sense of purpose.

  • Combine them or make your own!

Jan Töth

“I was nervous about having a native teacher because I never had one before but it helped me learn to speak and understand better because everything was only in English language and my teacher spoke very clearly.

Let’s Work Together!

The school is located upstairs in Kupecká 6, Nitra 949 01

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