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Ask about our
'BETWEEN the Lessons'
free support! 

Proudly helping the people of NITRA and beyond for more than 11 years!

It's Your Life - Live Your BEST One!

Make happy choices that enable a happy life, not barriers to one


Improving your English language communication skills can lead to better career and life options. It's as easy as taking the first step and emailing us or sending an instant message in the chat window. 

Better English can help you achieve your goals such as:

Programmes are customised to fit your specific needs, such as:

All courses have grammar, vocabulary, natural usage & conversation.

Improve your life quickly and cheaply with a 'Natural English' Short-Course

The fastest way to make real progress is to study specific material almost every day and to practice speaking with a professional native teacher 1-2 times per week, who can explain how to use English more naturally so you can communicate with your colleagues / clients more easily. By doing the 'thinking' exercises at home, you save the cost of a teacher for the tasks when it's not necessary to have one. 

'Natural English' Short-Courses include 12 hours of specific home exercises plus 3 online sessions from just €99

Traditional learning with a teacher

You can also choose a traditional learning structure with a professional native teacher for every lesson.

2x 60 minute (private) lessons per week are recommended
- online or in our school -

Unique free 'BETWEEN the Lessons' support

Typically, a school takes as many students as possible and as soon as each lesson finishes, teachers are thinking about the next student and are too busy to spend quality time thinking about their previous student's weaknesses and don't adjust their programme.


The result can be that they move on to new topics before you are confident enough with the previous one.


This often leads to 'eternal student' syndrome - you start, get discouraged, stop (and repeat all your life).


Our approach is different. We accept fewer students so that between your lessons, your teacher can focus on your results and mistakes from your previous lesson and customise your next lesson to help you improve faster.


Your teacher is available online between your lessons to discuss your progress & answer questions to be able to adjust your lesson plans and make each one more effective and maximise their value.


In this way, everything you need to learn is explained clearly to grow your confidence.


'BETWEEN the Lessons' support makes better quality lessons possible and your learning outcomes more achievable.

Purchase a multi-month lesson package and SAVE money!

Email us below!


  • Understand professional literature & social media

  • More successful at selling to clients

  • Work abroad or in international companies

  • Achieve promotions to more senior positions

  • Better at negotiating employment conditions

  • Bring more value to your employer

  • Master English tenses and stop feeling embarrassed

  • Become really fluent in business English 

  • Learn to use conditional statements correctly

  • Start speaking natural sounding English 

  • Expand your Technical English to talk like an expert

  • Present to other people in English with confidence

  • Other courses are also available

Jan Töth

“I was nervous about having a native teacher because I never had one before but it helped me learn to speak and understand better because everything was only in English language and my teacher spoke very clearly.

Let’s Do It Together!

We are located upstairs in Kupecká 6, Nitra 949 01

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